The 7 Levers of Nonprofit Leadership

Are you using the 7 levers of nonprofit leadership to prevent burnout?

As a leader of a nonprofit, you need more time, money, and help. To stretch the time, money, and help—you leverage your leadership. How do you do this? You use as many of your seven levers of nonprofit leadership as possible. This video explores the 7 levers and invites you to start using them to prevent burnout.

Chapters of the 7 Levers of Nonprofit Leadership

00:00 How levers help you lead and prevent burnout

00:33 Lever 1: You

00:44 Lever 2: Vision

00:58 Lever 3: Word

01:12 Lever 4: Prioritize

01:38 Lever 5 Forest

02:00 Lever 6: Help

02:21 Lever 7 Gold

02:47 A Challenge

More Burnout Prevention Resources 
Preventing burnout comes with the nonprofit leaders’ job description. In almost all cases, the way to prevent burnout is not to work harder. Instead, it is to step away from the flame and figure out how to improve your approach to challenges.
Here’s are three invitations to step back and refresh.
  • Do your board meetings stress you and your staff out?
  • Sometimes to de-stress, your brain needs some fuel.
Feed your brain with one or more of these 30 Leadership Activities for Growth.
  • Or maybe it’s time to get real about what it means to serve others in the nonprofit sector.
Do you have specific stressors you’d like to tackle? Don’t hesitate to reach out.