How Can You Keep Your Employees Now?

So, how can you keep your nonprofit employees now?

Nonprofits are no strangers to high employee turnover.

Before the pandemic, the sector’s rate was 7 percent higher than all turnover, and now the national rate hovers at 25 percent.

So, if nonprofits continue to exceed the national rate, one in three of your employees will voluntarily leave their jobs.

In likelihood, the departures will include some of your best employees.

If you’re concerned about losing your best employees, who can blame you. To keep your valued employees, you need a practical plan.

What should you include in your employee retention plan?

Contents of How Can You Keep Your Nonprofit Employees Now?

0:00 Nonprofit Turnover Now

0:24 Why You Need a Plan

0:35 Employee Retention Plan, Part I

1:28 Employee Retention Plan, Part II 

2:26 Employee Retention Plan, Part III

4:04 Low-Cost, No-Cost Employee Retention

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