How Can You Lead Your Nonprofit with Vision?

In this session, Karen explores leading with vision as a leadership strategy. She outlines the steps you need to take to lead your nonprofit organization through COVID-19 or any crisis. Discover the value of a strategy earworm and the nine steps vision-lead nonprofit leaders take when confronting crises.
(This video is part #10 of How to Lead with Vision, Not Fear, in the Times of COVID-19 series.)

If you only have a few minutes:

  • How to lead your nonprofit with vision anytime .12
  • What is a nonprofit strategy? 1.28
  • Strategy and earworms 2.47
  • The leading with vision earworm 3.12
  • The three phases 4:26
  • Shock 5.20
  • Planning your way 8:34
  • Time to move 12.15
  • Leading with vision, not fear- a daily choice 16.06

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