January 2, 2014
This Year Achieve Your Most Important Goal

It’s the New Year. Everyone is setting resolutions. My advice: don’t join them. Instead set one goal. Since you’re picking one, make it important. And,[…]

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November 14, 2013
With So Many Grants Out There, Why Won’t “They” Fund Us?

The Top Five Reasons 1. No interest. They care about conservation; you work with seniors. 2. No overlap. They care about seniors in California; you[…]

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November 12, 2013
You Can Get a Grant for That, But Should You?

A nonprofit has a playground for children with special needs. It needs replacing.  Should they ask their local friendly foundation for the grant to replace[…]

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November 1, 2013
The 4 Stages of Nonprofit Income Development

Which stage are you in? Stage 1: Over Our Heads and Can’t Swim Characterized by: Nonprofit income is a mystery. How can we get a[…]

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July 30, 2013
Fund Your Most Difficult Challenge

“If we used government money,” said Joe Carbone, CEO of The Workplace in Bridgeport, Connecticut, “some businesses wouldn’t have been interested. They fear the potential[…]

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May 13, 2013
Setting Fees for Services and Goods: Options

You have options when it comes to setting fees for your services or products. Use this chart to consider your fees their consequences, with your[…]

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April 9, 2013
On the Joys of Singing

I like to sing. It can be in the car to an oldies hit that takes me back to my teens, in worship with new[…]

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March 28, 2013
A 6th Reasons to Refresh Your Nonprofit Income Strategy

In the blog, Advancing the Nonprofit Sector, I wrote about five reasons to “refresh” your nonprofit’s income strategy. Refreshing your income strategy is about gathering[…]

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March 18, 2013
Karen’s Member Motivation Continuum

Above is Karen’s Member Motivation Continuum. Use it to explore your membership program. The Continuum identifies five different membership motivations. From left to right, member[…]

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